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Jess’s Cooking Show Adventures

by Jess Cerra

Food + Bikes = Need I say more?

Spatchcock Chicken
This is the easiest and most delicious roast chicken you will ever make. You need only a few basic ingredients and will have very little clean-up! For fun, I…
Quiche Quarantine
I’m back with one of my favorite post-ride recipes! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the theme name 🤓 We make a variation of this quiche in our house, week..
Affectionately named QOMcakes, this recipe highlights how to make my favorite pre-ride, pre-race, pre-anyday pancakes. A simple recipe, with a few special ad…
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Jess Cerra

Professional Gravelista -> Pinarello Former UCI Professional Road Cyclist President|CEO: JoJé Bar | | Chef Instructor: VEBA Resource Center
Road Biking, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Mountain Running
Encinitas, CA

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