2020 4th annual F cancer Gravel Grind


Want to join us for this Epic once per year event?

This awesome gravel ride is 25 miles of mixed asphalt and gravel on roads that are open to traffic.

Ride with your pace group or vie for the “EFF cancer QOM/KOM” on Strava

Then cool down with some beverages at the bar after the ride

Saturday August 22nd

Starts at volunteer park.

21620 Dixboro Road

South lyon Michigan 48178

Be there by 2:00 for a 3 Pm Roll out.

This is a minimally supported ride

Tickets on BikeReg!


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Great Food and beverages and special pricing for cyclists that end their EFF Cancer Ride with a beverage at the bar after the ride party with us until the sun goes down

The ride route will be posted on Ride with GPS a few days before the event for those who wish to use the GPS tracking features, the ride GPX is availible for download on the club strava site  https://www.strava.com/clubs/295188 for everyone else a cue sheet will be provided. you can ride within a pace group, or go solo. if you follow the cues exactly then Strava will give you credit for the Efff cancer ride.

The event is not timed. we use strava to record the results upload your ride at the end and see how you did. ride as fast or as slow as you want. Part of the challenge is completing the map correctly. if you miss too many cues then strava will not credit you with the ride and you will have to try again next year:( 

Support is limited, please plan accordingly have a back up plan and someone to call in case of trouble.


How did this ride originate?

This ride was created by long time friend  Gary Patterson in 2014 as a tribute to his mother who had passed from cancer, he rode it solo for the first time in august of 2014 https://www.strava.com/activities/178490153 at the same time my wife  was just recovering from her battle with breast cancer, and Gary invited me to ride with him in solidarity for those that fought and those who fight.

We did the ride together in early september of 2014, after which there was not a lot of activity on the route, everyone got busy and the route took a small hiatus until my wifes dad died of cancer on august 8 of 2016, we wanted to do something special and we thought that the EFFF cancer ride would make a great tribute not only for her dad, and Gary’s mom,  but for everyone that has lost someone and for those who are battling or have battled cancer.

We had a small group of friends do it in 2017 and everyone had an excellent time, the mood is upbeat, not sombre many smiles and good times everyone enjoyed it so much that we decided to make it an annual event and open it up to a larger group of like minded people. So now we have the 2nd annual Efff cancer ride!

Is this a ride or a race?
Yes it is. If you want to race then by all means please do. we use strava for timekeeping so if you want to spank the crank and try to get Kom or Qom then please do, keep in mind that you must follow traffic rules, and that there are no corner workers. If you want to ride at a pace with a group of riders, then that is also just fine. this ride is designed so that everyone can have fun and honor your special person.

We will have ride leaders at different speeds so likley there will be someone in your speed category.

Is this a fundraiser? No it is not. We dont and wont try to collect donations of any kind. This ride is designed to send a message through a cheeky strava segment. if you would like to make a donation then that is entireley up to you and can be done independant of this event

Why Efff Cancer?

nearly everyone is touched by this terrible disease, if you are lucky enough to not be touched, then come join us anyway!

This ride is on roads that are open to vehicles. you must obey all traffic regulations and ride at your own risk.By signing up for this event you agree to hold the organizers harmless for any and all damages to you and or your property while on this ride, or travelling to or from this event.