Having a hard time deciding between heading out on the bike 🚲 or going for a hike 🥾?

Why not both?! 😉


Both biking and hiking have always brought great solace and peace to my heart. The mountains are where I feed my soul and feel the most at home. So, instead of choosing between both of my favorite activities, I combined them. I grabbed my @livcyclingusa #Devote and my @altrarunning shoes and hit the trails.

The mountains are my happy place. Where’s yours?

To check out #GearILove, hit the link below.

📸 @aerah

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Rebecca Rusch

7X World Champion; Best-selling Author; Emmy Winner; Motivational Speaker; Ambassador, Be Good Foundation
Cycling, Mountain Biking, Gravel Biking
Ketchum, ID

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