Move-Recover-Move-Recover. This is the cycle of training that most of us follow. 🔁

Recovery can be optimized in many ways, but nothing is a more powerful recovery tool than sleep. We all know 8 hours is recommended. What I didn’t know until I started tracking my sleep and paying close attention is that not all sleep is created equal. How empowering to now have the tools to measure our biometrics and get real time data on our own sleep and recommendations on what to do to improve sleep.

What I’m learning measuring my sleep with my @Garmin Fénix 6S and linking it to @InsideTracker is that I’m getting enough sleep, but not enough of the right kind of sleep. Deep sleep is the stage where your brain waves slow down. It’s here that cells are regenerated and your body repairs itself. My deep sleep is short most nights, so I’m not getting the best recover I could be.

What to do about it? 🤔

@insidetracker recommendations include increasing magnesium, regular bed schedule, cool temperature, limiting digital devices, minimizing caffeine and alcohol as well as utilizing devices like my @bemergroupusa B Body Mat . I’m glad to know I have improvements to make in my sleep and I’m motivated to increase the amount of deep sleep I’m getting every night, so I can charge hard again during the day.


What is @InsideTracker? It’s an ultra personal nutrition and lifestyle system that analyzes your blood and DNA to give you a snapshot of your health from the inside with real life recommendations and tracking to optimize your best self. I love being able to take my health into my own hands and make adjustments daily.

Curious and want to check it out? Click the 🔗 in below and use code REBECCA to get 25% of @insidetracker plans!  

📸 @coreyrichproductions

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