Be Kind to Yourself – Self Talk


There’s a lot of time to think when you’re out on the trail. Even though @Svgreg and I rode @itialaska together in 2020, we were both very much alone. When you’re alone with your own thoughts it takes discipline to overcome negative thoughts and persevere through the loneliness.


There is a lot of time to think; days where I am stuck in my own head. Our inner dialogue is extremely powerful. While riding through the desolate wilderness on the Iditarod Trail I often find myself between the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. To help deal with the array of thoughts and emotions I experience I imagine how I would talk to someone else or to Greg…and I channel that. In essence, I give myself a pep talk. Be Kind to yourself.


To watch the full short film “Distant Dharma” from 2020 ITI click on the 🔗 link below.

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Rebecca Rusch

7X World Champion; Best-selling Author; Emmy Winner; Motivational Speaker; Ambassador, Be Good Foundation
Cycling, Mountain Biking, Gravel Biking
Ketchum, ID

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