Bike Maintenance Essentials Pt 1 and 2


A webinar by Sarah Lamb

Part one of the this two part series will be a great opportunity to talk through some foundational basics: how to prep your equipment before different types of rides and how to maintain it afterwards, home vs. shop repairs, and confidence. In part two, Sarah will address some of the GGG’s specific questions and tackle more advanced mechanic skills.

Minimum Spare Parts to Keep at Home:

  • Derailleur hanger (ask your local shop which one you need because they’re specific to bike brand, model, and year. OEM hangers work best, but if you can’t find one of those I recommend Wheels Manufacturing)
  • Chain (new in box or pre-cut specific to your drivetrain)
  • Master link or quick-connect (specific to your chain)
  • Brake pads (ask your local shop what you need because they’re specific to bike brand and model)
  • Tubes and tire, or tubeless sealant and valve cores if you ride a tubeless or tubular set-up
  • Cables and/or batteries
  • Handlebar tape
  • Cleats (ask your local shop what you need because they’re specific to your pedals)
  • Shoe buckles (ask your local shop what you need because they’re specific to the brand and model of your shoes)

Minimum Tools to Keep at Home:

  • Floor pump (my favorites are Pedro’s and Lezyne)
  • Pedro’s T-handle Hex wrench set
  • Pedro’s T-handle T25 wrench
  • #1 and #2 Phillips screwdrivers
  • Small and large flathead screwdrivers
  • Pedal wrench 15mm open-end wrench, or 6mm or 8mm Hex wrench – specific to your pedals
  • CDI adjustable torque wrench (Pedro’s makes a nice non-adjustable set too)
  • Needle-nose pliers (my favorites are Knipex or Facom)
  • Pedro’s cable cutters
  • Pedro’s Pro Chain Tool 2.0
  • Park Tool Master Link Pliers
  • Pedro’s Chain Pig + diluted Pedro’s D-13 (degreaser)
  • Wet and dry chain lubes
  • Bike wash kit (Pedro’s Green Fizz, wash bucket, and assorted brushes and sponges – if you don’t have access to a hose/spigot, you can use a bug-sprayer or shower as your water source)
  • Electrical tape, zip ties, and microfiber rags

Advanced Tools to Keep at Home:

  • Abbey Tools Stu Stick
    Abbey Tools HAG (or equivalent derailleur hanger alignment tool)
  • Abbey Tools Crombie + Pedro’s Vice Whip (or equivalent cassette tool + chain whip pairing)
  • Craftsman C3 19.2V Cordless Inflator (discontinued by manufacturer, but sometimes available on eBay)
  • Spoke wrenches
  • Neodymium magnet, if your frame has internally-routed cables
  • Brake Bleed Kit
Tubeless Wheel Explanation
Tubular Wheel Explanation
Clincher Wheel Explanation

Sarah Lamb is a professional race mechanic who has worked extensively with neutral support programs (SRAM, Mavic, NRS & Events) and the Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossoworld CX team for the past 12+ years. Sarah is also a self-proclaimed “huge nerd” who taught AP Physics and undergraduate engineering courses for seven years before joining a surgical robotics program three(ish) years ago as an R&D engineer. She lives in Connecticut with her two rescued pitbulls, Mazey and Tony the Tiger.

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