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It’s likely that your summer plans have been canceled or if not canceled, altered considerably. Whether it was a cool vacation on the other side of the world, a race-cation, or even just the fun of your weekly group ride 2020 looks a lot different than we all dreamed it would as we rang in a new decade on December 31. It’s a bummer, but we’ve decided to make the summer a little more awesome with our own DIY Gravel Summer!

One of the things that we’ve noticed during this time of COVID-19 is that women cyclists really love to learn about cycling and we really enjoy learning from other women. Knowledge brings confidence.

So, we are bringing you our DIY Gravel Summer Series. Every Friday at 12:00 EST, we’ll gather via Zoom and learn from a badass woman. We have these sessions planned for 30-minutes but we’ll stay as long as people want to ask questions!

Our webinar host is Laura King @laura and she conveniently has worked out a collaboration with Ted King’s DIY Gravel, meaning if he puts on challenges and has prizes, we’ll continue to jump on the bandwagon.

Sign up below and we’ll send you a weekly reminder with the Zoom link for that day!

Speakers and Dates

  • June 5th – Amber Pierce: Growth Mindset: Leaning In & Out of your Comfort Zone
  • June 12th – Jess Cerra @jesscerra and Janel Spilker: Nutrition & Prep Focusing on Environment: Heat, Cold, Altitude, Etc
  • June 19th – Rachel Cohen @rachel-cohen: New to Navigation: Planning a Route That Checks All Your Boxes
  • June 26th – Lentine Alexis @lentinealexis: Flavor as Fuel: Why Flavorful, Real Food Stokes Our Fire For Greatness + Five Ways to Up Your Ride Food Game
  • July 3 – Kim Coleman and Nikki Peterson @npetersonsocal: This hour has 42 minutes: How we Make Time for Family, Career, and Bikes
  • July 10 – Sarah Lamb: Bike Maintenance Essentials Pt 1
  • July 17- Sarah Lamb: Bike Maintenance Essentials: Pt 2
  • July 24- Isabel Reyes-Todd: How to approach your first Gravel Event
  • July 31- Mary Zider and Andrea Smith: Gravel Skills Clinic
  • Aug 7: Emily Kraus, MD: Avoiding Injury and Strength Work for the Cyclist

Webinar Leaders:

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