Exercise and Fertility: Trying to conceive? Here’s what you should know about exercise and fertility with Dr. Diana Vaamonde


For athletes looking to conceive during their lifetimes, understanding the potential impacts of exercise on reproductive health is paramount. I noticed that there was very little media attention given to the effects of exercise on reproductive health. After having met many athletes who have struggled with fertility and reproductive health, I wanted to learn more about the topic and share this information with you through my podcast.

It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with Reproductive Biologist and Embryologist Dr. Diana Vaamonde about this topic.

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Dr. Vaamonde is a Professor of Anatomy and Embryology at the University of Cordoba and a recent author of the book Fertility, Pregnancy and Wellness. She has also spent many years working in fertility clinics and has both clinical and research experience, which gives her a deep understanding of how difficult this is emotionally for people who do want to conceive and have children.

Dr. Diana Vaamonde, Professor of Anatomy and Embryology, Author and Reproductive Biologist.

Dr. Vaamonde did an excellent job translating the science into accessible terms that we can all understand and relate to during our discussion. I learned a lot and here is what you can learn when you tune in.

  • How temperature and saddle pressure impacts sperm parameters in males
  • Physiology of the reproductive system (male/female)
  • Athletes, oxidative stress and how it impacts reproductive health, including mitochondria in sperm and eggs.
  • (RED-S) Low energy availability and reproductive health
  • Is there a sweet spot of exercise volume to optimize reproductive health?
  • Why having a period doesn’t always mean you are fertile and a bit about anovulation.
  • IVF therapy and healthy lifestyle.
  • What is the ‘volume threshold’ in regards to reproductive health?
  • How reversible are reproductive changes that may occur in response to certain types of exercise or low energy availability?
Dr. Diana Vaamonde recently published her first book: Fertility, Pregnancy and Wellness edited by Dr. Anthony Hackney and Juan Manuel Garcia-Manso
Dr. Diana Vaamonde with colleagues Professor Anthony Hackney and Professor Jose Antonio Castilla who have been an important part of her journey. Dr. Vaamonde expressed her immense gratitude for the support of her colleagues including Professor Garcia Manso.

It is very important to consult with your physician if you are struggling to conceive. This podcast does not serve as medical advice, rather it is a source of information from an expert in the field which you can learn from. As we discussed in the podcast, there are many other factors which can impact someone’s ability to conceive. We touched on some topics which may contribute to your reproductive health, however it is important to have a full medical assessment if you are concerned or struggling.

To learn more from or to connect with Dr. Diana Vaamonde, you can find her below and also purchase her book at the link below.

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LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/diana-vaamonde-3986b74/

Book: https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca/books/fertility-pregnancy-and-wellness/9780128183090-item.html

Email: fivresearch@yahoo.com

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