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Here are a few home workouts from some of the best pro runners, triathletes and running coaches if you’re stuck at home with cabin fever during Covid-19. Workouts from Gwen Jorgensen, Kilian Jornet, Emily Sisson, Emma Coburn, Sally McRae, Colleen Quigley and Mary Johnson.

Olympian Colleen Quigley

10 Exercises With 1 Weight

Since many of us are still working out without a gym, I took my fast braid to an empty parking lot to show you a bunch of moves you can do with 1 weight. You can use a dumbbell or a kettle bell.

Here are the moves:
1. Kettle bell (or dumbbell) swings (15x) keep back and neck straight, hinge at the hips and power through the glutes
2. Planks with weight carry over (8x each side) keep your hips level
3. Mini squat to split stance overhead press (10x each side) let your legs do the work to power the weight up, arm is passive here
4. Bent over row (10x each side) back straight, pull elbow back and up
5. Lunge with a twist (10x each side) step back into a lunge then twist towards your front knee
6. Overhead tricep extension (10x) tuck your chin slightly and engage core to protect your back
7. Deep squat with bicep curl at the bottom (10x) keep your back up, squat as low as you can
8. Upright row to shoulder press (10x each side) switch your grip when you get to the shoulder so you can press up
9. Cross body twist (10x each side) bring the weight all the way down, letting the outside foot twist in, then reach all the way up
10. Extend and hold (3×10 sec) harder than it looks! Keep the weight at chest level

Don’t forget to hydrate and refuel after! My favorites are @vitalperformance Recover powder in Yuzu Clementine and @vitalproteins Collagen Bar in Raspberry Lemon πŸ‹

πŸ‹ Hair tie is @tiy_products
πŸ‘Ÿ Shoes are Nike Metcons

Do the whole thing 2-3 times through for a challenge! Get after it today! You got this! Braid it up and ball out!

Gwen Jorgensen, Olympian Triathlete and Pro Runner

Join Gwen for a 50 minute at home gym session during Covid 19. Gwen is a 2016 Olympic Champion in triathlon, mom, and professional runner. She will be sharing more videos on her YouTube channel throughout 2020. Gwen’s website.

Emily Sisson, Professional Runner

Emily is a pro runner for New Balance and shares these strength exercises at from her home with hew new pup, Tori.

Emma Coburn, Professional Runner

Emma Coburn is a regular in on the world and national podiums at steeplechase. Here are a few of her workouts.

Sally McRae, Pro Mountain Runner

Sally McRae (aka YellowRunner) is a pro ultrarunner with some great home workouts on Instagram Live.

Here’s what she calls The 500- A Basic Total Body Workout.

No equipment necessary. This basic at-home total body workout can be done anywhere by anyone. This is the first in its series and can be easily progressed or modified.

You will do:
10 Rounds
5 exercises
10 reps of each exercise

1. 10 squats
2. 10 Bicycle crunches
3. 10 bridges/hip raises
4. 10 push-ups
5. 10 supermans

Kilian Jornet, pro mountain runner

From Kilian, “Who said it isnt possible to do specific trail running training indoors? In this video for Suunto I explained a uphill and a downhill training exercises.

For the uphill, the goal is to work the legs strenght and the cadence in separate times to work the uphill power.

For the downhill, I believe a big part of the capacity of going fast in technical downhills is the relation between vison and foot position. So here some easy exercises to practice at any place! But be carreful too.”

Mary Johnson, coach and founder of Lift Run Perform

If you’re looking for virtual classes, running coach Mary Johnson of Lift Run Perform has a special for Covid-19. Here’s one of her workout from Instagram.

4 min AMRAP | 20 sec on, 10 off
Pushup walkouts
Side lunges

2-3 min rest

4 min AMRAP | 20 sec on, 10 off
Jumping jacks
Plank reach

2-3 min rest

4 min AMRAP | 20 sec on, 10 off
Bodyweight squats
Hollow body

2-3 min rest

4 min AMRAP | 20 sec on, 10 off
R side lunge matrix
L side lunge matrix
Bear crawl iso

2-3 min rest

AMRAP 2 min – fast!
Bodyweight RDL

Yoga Reset with Ultrarunner Stephanie Howe (@stephaniehowe)

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