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With swimming pools closed and events cancelled, here are a few exercises and tips from the pros on how to build and maintain swimming strength. They cover basic dryland and home workouts, as well as workouts you can do with bands like StretchBandz.

When the pandemic hopefully passes, these should be helpful to incorporate into your training if you’re traveling or can’t get to a pool.

Chris Hauth, former Olympian swimmer and ultra endurance coach

Chris Hauth (@chrishauth) coaches athletes like Rich Roll (@richroll) and has started a YouTube series with an excellent home dry land workout for swimmers. He uses a specific stretch band product called StretchCordz in the green and red models.

0:00 Introduction to Stretch Cords
1:32 StretchCordz Brand
2:56 Using in a Door Frame
3:59 How to Train with Stretch Cords
8:15 Different Hand Positions on Handles
9:44 Sets and Workouts
13:09 Detailed Technique
14:22 Closing

Matt Dixon, Head Coach at Purple Patch Fitness

Swim, triathlon and endurance coach Matt Dixon demonstrates proper swim band technique. Matt has some great training articles and insights for swimmers on his website.

Heather Fell, Olympian and GTN host

Laurel Wassner, pro triathlete and coach

Another good dryland option for swimmers and triathletes is from coach Laurel Wassner. She uses the same bands from StretchCordz.

Beginners: do each exercise for 30 seconds with 20 seconds recovery. Intermediate: 40 seconds on, 20 recovery. Advanced: 50 on, 10 recovery. Go through each exercise consecutively. Then take 2 minute break to stretch and get water. Do entire set of exercises up to 3 times through.
-Double arm pull
-tricep push down
-chest fly
-single arm
-windshield wiper
-shoulder abduction, adduction (beginner 10 reps / intermediate 15 / advanced 20 each arm).

If you have a favorite workout we missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it. If you’re looking for full body workouts, here are some great strength workouts and running-specific exercises.

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