Jeff Galloway: Eating During Exercise


Most exercisers don’t need to worry about eating or drinking during a run until the length exceeds 90 minutes. At this point there are several options. In this case, most runners wait until the 30-40 minute mark in the workout before starting to take the blood sugar booster. Diabetics may need to eat sooner and more often – but this is an individual issue.

  • Gel-type products – These come in small packets, and are the consistency of honey or thick syrup. About every 10-15 minutes, take a small amount with a sip or two of water. Most runners I’ve heard from find it best not to take the whole packet at once.
  • Energy bars – Cut into 8-10 pieces and take 1-2 pieces, with a couple of sips of water, every 10-15 minutes.
  • Candy – Particularly gummi bears or hard candies. The usual consumption is about 1-3 every 10 minutes.
  • Sports Drink – Since there is significant percentage of nausea among those who drink during exercise, this is not my top recommendation. If you have found this to work for  you, use it exactly as you have used it before. A sports drink like Accelrade is helpful the day before or after a strenuous run. During a run, I recommend water.
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