Lauren Fleshman is The Role Model we Need


“I changed my body for sport. No girl should.”


What is the current state of gender parity in sport? Ask today’s guest and she’ll tell you that women and girls are no longer content just to have a chance to play; they are demanding that sports be rebuilt altogether.

Meet Lauren Fleshman.

One of the greatest middle-distance runners in American history, Lauren has a storied history of breaking both records and paradigms. After collecting state championships as a standout high school runner, she matriculated to Stanford, where she garnered 5 NCAA titles, 15 All-American honors, and a spot in the Hall of Fame.

As a professional, her accolades include two USA Championships and five World Championship berths for Team USA.

Nonetheless, Lauren’s career was also marked with devastating setbacks. She holds the painful distinction of most likely being the best American distance runner never to make an Olympic team, her competitive career repeatedly impaired by injuries that had her on crutches at the wrong four-year intervals.

It’s the hows and whys behind Lauren’s hard knocks that interest me the most. Because it’s these very misfortunes that underscore her philosophic perspective on running. Her take on human potential. Her belief in transformation. And, perhaps most poignant, her passion for advancing the power and prominence of women in sport.


Now retired from professional competition, Lauren wears many hats. A prolific and talented writer, she is co-author of the Believe Training Journal series and shares her perspectives on her wildly popular Ask Lauren Fleshman blog — plus a book in the works.

As an entrepreneur, Lauren hosts the Wilder Running & Writing Retreats. She’s the co-founder of performance nutrition company Picky Bars alongside her professional triathlete husband Jesse Thomas, who graced episode 442 of the podcast. And together they host the Work, Play, Love Podcast.

In addition, Lauren serves up coaching duties to the elite women runners of Oiselle’s Littlewing Athletics. And she is the very definition of an active mom of two.

Most compelling is Lauren’s committed, stalwart advocacy for female equality, empowerment and advancement in sport.

Today we cover it all. From the doping scandals swirling around the Nike Oregon Project to revelations about the mental and physical health of female athletes under pressure, we explore how Lauren’s successes and failures fuel her as a coach, parent, businessperson and role model.

But more than anything, this is about fairness in sport. Advancing the role of women in athletics to forge parity. Creating an equitable financial ecosystem for NCAA and Olympic athletes. And how we can better calibrate the complicated balance between human rights and equity with respect to transgender and intersex athletes.

Perhaps most importantly, this is a conversation about the unique pressures and body image issues so many girls and women face in competitive sports. It’s about fostering healthier coaching dynamics. More supportive athletic environments — and ultimately more successful careers.

In companionship with our exchange, I urge all of you to read Lauren’s moving New York Times OpEd, “I Changed My Body For My Sport. No Girl Should” — a powerful piece she penned subsequent to our conversation.

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This one left an impact on me. I hope it does for you as well.

Peace + Plants,


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