Pocket Snacks: Fuel for Socially-distanced Cycling


Without the flexibility of being able to pop into a Vermont general store for a treat and coffee mid-ride, I’ve turned to my well loved cookbooks and the depths of my pantry to prepare my own packable baked goods. All of these come from trusted folks in the food scene and were designed with the endurance athlete in mind. Here are a few favorites, from my jersey pocket to yours.

Favorite Coconut Banana Bread with Ginger and Cacao Nibs, by Lentine Alexis

Coconut! Banana! Chocolate! Ginger! All my favorite things in one dense slab of goodness. Former pro cyclist turned chef, Lentine, created this recipe for the Rapha Club House in Boulder, CO and says she “designed this loaf to be tender but sturdy when sliced up and slid into jersey pockets, sweet but not cloying, and not to be so simple as to just contain chunks of chocolate.” My recommendation? Do not skip the crystalized ginger.

Can’t Beet Chocolate Pre-workout Cookies, Picky Bars Ambassador AnneMarie

I am thrilled whenever companies like Picky Bars share alternative ways to use their products, like these cookies that call for half a cup of their mind-blowing concoction of oats, beetroot and chia-almond goodness. Or, in true picky-bars style you can play around with your own additions, which founders Jessie, Lauren and Steph encourage.

Can’t Beet Chocolate Pre-workout Cookies

Superhero Muffins, by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky in Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow 

The possibilities are endless for variation on the original superhero muffin, which begins with an oat, carrot, zucchini base. From gluten free options to alternative sweeteners like molasses, pumpkin, or applesauce, it’s entirely possible to whip these up by shopping your pantry and nowhere else, which is perfect right now.

Blueberry Lemon Cornmeal Scones, by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky in Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow

Another home run from Shalane and Elyse, these scones are a little lighter and less sweet, thanks to the cornmeal base. I can’t wait to make these with fresh blueberries later this summer! I have linked to a vegan adaptation here.

It’s as if scones were designed to slip into a jersey pocket.

Morning Glories, by Sarah Britton, My New Roots

This is a hearty cookie packed with protein and holds up exceptionally well in the jersey pocket. The sneaky, health-full ingredient which holds it all together is actually a can of white beans! It’s easy to adjust the add-ins, such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit.

Waffle Sandwich, inspired by Feed Zone Portables

We began making waffles regularly after living in Norway, where no bike ride or ski through the forest is complete without stopping at a “hytte” for a waffle, served up with jam and sour cream. Now back in the States, we make big batches and freeze the portions for easy on-the-go sandwich making. No need to thaw–just remove two sections from the freezer, spread your fillings, and wrap in Bees Wrap. I’ve found that the warmth of my body defrosts the sandwich perfectly.

I like to make extras and freeze portioned pieces of waffle for easy, grab and go ride fuel.

Other Necessities

Bee’s Wrap: I wrap my goodies in Bees Wrap, a natural alternative to plastic wrap that washes off easily in cool water. They come in a variety of sizes (I recommend medium for pocket snacks) and are good for hundreds of uses! 

Bees Wrap is so easy to use and clean that I can’t remember the last time I bought plastic baggies!

Anything Cage: Can’t do Saturday without the hot coffee? Check out this bottle “rack” that allows you to strap an insulated thermos, or…well…anything to your frame.

Setting out for a long ride prepared with homemade calories is both empowering and important when we’re all trying to keep our distance and eliminate unnecessary store visits. And please, share your favorite homemade ride snacks!

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