Squaw Valley vs. Alpine Meadows


Today I will be talking about the pros and cons of Squaw and Alpine and why one is better than the other in my opinion. 

What Are They?

Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are ski mountains in Lake Tahoe, California, they are owned by the same people but they are two different mountains. I love to ski at both of them but some people like Alpine better and some people like Squaw better. 

Squaw Valley


There are many pros of Squaw, for example, it is a huge mountain with tons of amazing terrain that I love to ski, there are so many amazing runs and I can always find one that is good that day.  Also, for people that may not like skiing as much as I do, there is a huge village at the bottom to go eat or go to shops. 


The cons of Squaw is that because it is the “Big Name” mountain, more people go there and even though it is much bigger than Alpine, it gets much more crowded and the lift lines are really long sometimes.

Alpine Meadows


I also love to ski at Alpine, there is less terrain but it is so much less crowded and it makes it so much better. Plus, the terrain is amazing there too and at Alpine, there are more long groomers than at Squaw which could make it better for some people.


The only real con of Alpine, in my opinion, is that it isn’t as big as Squaw and some of the best runs at Squaw aren’t as good at Alpine but that is ok.

Which One is Better?

Many people like Alpine better and many people like Squaw better, and overall, I like Squaw better. This is because the terrain is just so fun to me that I don’t really care if it gets crowded plus, there is always at least one fun lift without a huge line.

Which mountain do you think is better?

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