The Push: Part 2


➡️ The Push ⬅️

Part 2: Myrdalsjokull Glacier Crossing 🌙 to Vik


Maelifell volcano marked our entrance onto the glacier. The sun and shadows put on a visual show. With dry socks, full bellies, and determination to climb this last big hill, we headed up around 5 pm. We had been moving for 8 hours already and the approaching storm meant we had to push on.🌋


The glacier was disorienting. A massive bubble of white with no variation and no end in sight. We rode up and climbed what felt like a white treadmill that never got us any closer to the top. Few words were spoken as we all leaned into the work. Behind us, the wall of the storm approached, and we knew made the right decision. Soft snow on the glacier and fatigue slowed our pace to a walk. The fiery sunset and northern lights gave us a much needed boost as we trudged on. A flat tire, cold fingers and toes, and food running low required us to work as a team. Even with good weather in Iceland is extremely harsh with high consequences when you stop or fumble. This night was where I felt we had really become a team and were moving as one unit instead of as individuals. Even after reaching the high point, the danger and hard work wasn’t done. The icy descent was more terrifying and consequential than any other challenge on our trip. Our keen awareness of the danger was unspoken but, showed in our actions. We arrived at the coast by 4 am, we rolled into a hotel to sleep before finishing the last 10 km of the ride. 😴


Iceland reminded us of her powerful fire and ice by giving us one of the worst storms of the trip for our last 10 km from Vik to Dyrholaey lighthouse. Wet snow and side winds pummeled us as we made our way to the finish. It was a reminder of how lucky we had been in our passing. . Our route was an arbitrary line we drew on a map that was now complete but, the result was not arbitrary at all. I travel these types of routes to evolve and grow myself and to share a bit that magic with others. I bathed in the feeling of relief, safety, love for nature, appreciation of my teammates, and my own strength. Thank you for coming along our journey…more to come! Be Good.

📸 Ryan Hill (all except 6,7)

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