Tour De Los Tejas 600k


A Journey Run Around the State of Texas

This past week I went on my biggest adventure yet. I embarked on a trip around the central and Southeast portion of the State of Texas. This Journey Run style race was thought out and put on by Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT). The route started with the runners with hands on the Texas Capitol building in Austin, TX and then proceeded with a giant loop around the state ending back at the Capitol building where it all started. The main stops along the route included 7 Texas State Parks & 3 Buc-ee’s:

  1. McKinney Falls State Park (mile 9)
  2. Lockhart State Park (mile 38)
  3. Buc-ee’s [Luling] (mile 59)
  4. Palmetto State Park (mile 63)
  5. Buc-ee’s [Eagle Lake] (mile 153)
  6. Brazos Bend State Park (mile 204)
  7. Stephen F. Austin State Park (mile 261)
  8. Buescher State Park (mile 342)
  9. Bastrop State Park (mile 356)
  10. Buc-ee’s [Bastrop] (mile 358)
STRAVA Activity Link:

I will plan on getting on my notes and thoughts together and complete a detailed blog race recap, as I do for all my ultras of 100 mile or more. It will be posted over on my blog within the next week or so. But for now I have come up with 7 quick takeaways from this amazing life-changing experience I just went through. Enjoy.

Thank you everyone for following along and all the kudos & comments. I promise I will work on my full detailed blog race recap soon. Go and cheer in the last remaining finishers of the 600k & 300k as they are out there battling the elements grinding away. ( The final cutoff is on Monday at 10:00.

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