Wahoo Frontiers: Peter Stetina


Riding is fun. Racing should be fun. But it’s hard to remember that when focusing on wins and watts, podiums and purses. It becomes exhausting. So there’s a new breed of professional athletes choosing to transition away from the status quo. And though they possess the racing pedigree of their peers, they want to experience the joy of racing again. They’re forging a new Frontier in professional sport. With fresh legs, they’ll define success differently and apply a savvy entrepreneurial spirit to build a career on their terms. One based on performance, and most importantly, fun.

In this episode, we connect with Pete Stetina about transitioning into gravel racing from the World Tour Road Racing scene. Pete won Belgian Waffle Ride last year and it was a sort of switch for him that this could be a real possibility for him. One that brought him back to his roots of why he rides his bike and what motivates him to get out every day.

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Video by Vermont Social Produced by @AnselDickey, Nick Keating, and Matt Porter

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