Prokit 10: Rich Roll


In our first edition of the Prokit 10 series, we went through our archives to find ten insights from the pros on mindset and meditation. Today’s Prokit 10 is with Rich Roll and recaps ten insights from our podcast and feature with Rich last year.

1. Rich Roll’s Jam
Ultra endurance sports, human potential and plants

2. Childhood
“I wasn’t by any indication athletically gifted…it wasn’t until I found swimming that I latched onto something meaningful.”

3. Low Place
“When I graduated from high school…the world was at my feet, and I really blew it. I had a tremendous amount of shame and guilt over that. I really felt like I needed to prove to the world—and to myself—that I could be that person again. At 39, I checked all those boxes. I had a nice car. I had this nice resume. From the outside looking in, it all looked pretty great, but on the inside, I was like this decaying corpse.”

4. Turning it Around
“I had no plans to become a competitive athlete again. It was really just this process of reconnecting with myself physically and realizing that that brought me a lot of joy.”

5. Going Ultra
“I’d never heard of Ultraman, which is this double-Ironman race. I didn’t know that human beings were capable of doing anything longer than an Ironman.”

6. Overall philosophy
“We’re here to grow…I’m constantly having people introduce me to new ideas and concepts and ways of living so that I can challenge myself.”

7. Nutrition outlook
“When you’re eating plant foods close to their natural state—when you eliminate the processed crap, no matter what your diet is—you’re going to get yourself to the 10-yard line.”

8. Setting limits
“I’ve always been super-cautious about not overdoing my run volume.”

9. His podcast
“I don’t get up every day saying I need a million more followers. That’s not what drives me. What’s more important to me is trying to be better at provoking real, sustainable long-term change in people.”

10. One Weird Thing
“I live in a really nice house, and I sleep outside in a tent.”

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Follow Rich on Prokit at @richroll and be sure to check out his podcast. It’s simply one of the best.

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