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About Us – The Athlete’s Platform

Prokit celebrates adventurers and the athletic experience, whether you’re just getting started or breaking world records. We exist to help you cut through the noise, learn from the best, and find the community you need to reach your potential. 

Our passion for human potential and the outdoors can be seen in the backdrop of our headquarters; the adventure playground north of the Golden Gate in Marin, California. 

We’re just getting started, and would love your feedback by emailing us at Thanks for being part of the community, and helping us make Prokit a welcoming and inspiring place for everyone.  

Our Story 

The idea for Prokit started to form in 2013 when David Swain signed up for a cyclocross race. He had two young kids, an intense job at Instagram and little time to fit in his love for running, skiing, cycling, surfing and the outdoors. Cyclocross became the perfect outlet and had all the aspects he was looking for. A community, short intense races that required less hours on the bike, and whole lot of adrenaline.  But the basic questions were too hard to answer. How to train, what gear to use, where to race, what to eat, what events your friends are doing – universal questions for any sport where there has to be a better way to find trusted insights from the experts. 

On a parallel path, Angela Zaeh was working at Facebook and recovering from a ski accident in late 2013 and rediscovering her love for running. She was an accomplished runner in Germany in her youth, and transitioned to cycling and skiing in her 20s with the mountains always common thread. After a year of recovery, she slowly stumbled into ultrarunning. It combined her love of adventure and roots in the Alps with a community of people who share a passion for new experiences and reaching their potential. She ran into the same issues as David, but at a more intense level. What gear to use, how to eat over long distances and multiple days when you’re carrying it yourself, how to train, how to find the right races, logistical travel issues, and how to stay in touch with people she’s met along the way. 

Angela and David got together for a run on Mt Tamalpais in Marin, CA in February 2018 and the idea for a new platform for athletes was born. Prokit exists to celebrate the athletic experience and make the best information, community and insights accessible to everyone. To help us all go further, train smarter and reach higher. 

Learn more about us in our Prokit Collection or subscribe to our podcast, The Common Threads.

What we stand for

We care deeply about making Prokit a positive and supporting community that helps everyone reach their physical and mental potential. We’ve outlined what we stand for in our Community Guidelines and encourage you to check them out. 

We hope you join us in helping to:
🏃🏽‍♀️Empower female athletes
🤟🏽Inspire our youth
🏔Protect our environment

Our Products

We think about the athlete first in everything we do. We bring together the best in training, nutrition, gear, health and adventure to give you the edge to reach higher. Whether you run, ride, ski or just like to get outside, we bring you the best content for your body and mind with a community that welcomes, inspires and motivates.

The best content. Insights and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else from the world’s brightest athletes, experts and industry insiders. 

Tell your story. Whether you‘re a weekend warrior, training for an ultramarathon, or coaching the next world champion, your profile is built from the ground up for you — simple and free.  

Get inspired. Save your favorite articles, videos or podcasts to plan your next adventure, or follow curated Collections created by the pros. 

Find your next adventure. Invite your friends, teammates and training partners to add their races, events and bucket list goals and never miss out on your next adventure.

For pros and experts: the free brand builder and custom profile. Replace or augment your website and grow your following with one place to share where you’re competing, your PRs and results, your blog; provide a look inside your team and training, and inspire athletes with stories about the gear you use, and the coaches and experts in your corner.


Are you ready to join our small team of tech industry veterans to build the platform for athletes? Send us a note at with your resume and your story. 

We’re based in Marin, California and take the Bay Area’s heritage in innovation and combine it with the birthplace of the mountain bike and the nation’s oldest trail running race. The backdrop of Mt. Tam, Stinson Beach and the Bay with a reverse commute from the North Bay, East Bay and San Francisco. Ferry’s running into Larkspur and Sausalito, and biking & running paths abound for the human-powered commute.  

Software developers, engineers, product designers,  editors, writers — reach out if you think there could be a fit!

Athlete platform Prokit. Slogan: Go Further, Train Smarter, Reach Higher.


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The athlete's platform. Go further. Train smarter. Reach higher.
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