Wahoo Frontiers Ep. 3: Sarah True


“Ironman gave me the ability to reclaim everything I loved about the sport…”


The measurement of success for athletes of all levels is oftentimes determined by the results in a race or a challenge. What is often missed in the pursuit of performance is the change that sport makes on an athlete’s life and how those changes are powerful and stand the test of time. In this episode of Frontiers, we catch up with Olympian, Ironman athlete, and Wahooligan Sarah True. Sarah describes how sport has changed her life, has made her a better person, and has given her the confidence to tackle whatever she chooses to do in her post-professional career.

We (athletes) are not one dimensional but are multidimensional individuals with values and struggles. Frontiers seek to explore what makes athletes who they are and challenges the preconception that performance is the measurement for success.

Video by Vermont Social Produced by @anseldickey, Nick Keating, and @mattporter637

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