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Talking about bikes

by Ted King

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I like to talk about two wheels and gravel adventures.

Still Alive and Kickin’ — Ted King
Exactly one year ago, I was waking up from the least restful night of my life. Call it good practice for parenthood, which is pending right around the corner f
Ted King
Ted King on Plans for 2020 & Parenthood
Among Velocio’s earliest high profile ambassadors, Ted King has seen the brand grow and evolve in the same time cycling has undergone a transformation to more t
Grindurista — Ted King
There’s a special place in my heart for small mountain towns out west. I don’t know if it’s from training out through these dusty quiet hamlets from a previous lifetime…
Ted King
A Heartwarming Weekend — Ted King
Time is a funny thing. It doesn’t slow down, it doesn’t speed up, it makes the heart grow fonder, it’s the one thing we’ve all got, the third one is…
Ted King
A multi-day bike tour in search of beer, gravel roads, and good times.
Ted King
Interview: Ted King’s Groad to Kanza
Heavy is the waist that wears the buckle. So it goes for defending Dirty Kanza champ Ted King. We talked to the 2-time winner about his 2019 title defense.
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Ted King

I wear spandex and pedal a bicycle for a living / Represented by @corsosports.
Cycling, Gravel Biking, Mountain Biking, Hockey
Richmond, VT

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