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King of the Ride Podcast

by Ted King

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I chat with athletes, entrepreneurs, and all walks of life among those who love the bicycle.

Rebecca Rusch — Ultra Endurance Pro Athlete
There isn’t much to be said about Rebecca Rusch that hasn’t been mentioned before. 4x Leadville champion, 4x Dirty Kanza 200 winner, 3x 24 hour mountain bike world champion, recent…
Leah Thorvilson — Professional Cyclist
Leah Thorvilson’s jump to the World Tour was “like learning to walk at the age of 38”. Leah segued a world class running career to professional cycling in one of…
Bobby Wintle — Land Run 100 Mastermind
Bobby Wintle is the owner, operator, and chief mastermind behind the Land Run 100. A Kansas native, Bobby wasn’t part of cycling nor retail when he decided to move to…
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Ted is the guest! Interview the Interviewer
Ted King plays guest on today’s episode as Jim Merithew, creative director of inGamba Tours, interviews our typical host. Taking an arch through the history of Ted’s… entire life, including…
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James Bay Descent, part 2
Ted and the crew from the James Bay Descent chat after surviving their 10 day, 638km/396mile ride south along Canada’s frozen James Bay. Braving temperatures as low as -40, blizzard…
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James Bay Descent, part 1
‎The first in a two part series about the record setting James Bay Descent fat bike expedition through northern Canada, Ted sits down to talk with the rest of the…
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David Swain — Co-Founder of Prokit
David Swain’s introduction to cycling was riding backwards on a banana seated bicycle to impress girls and it ultimately landed him as the Director of Communications at both Facebook and…
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Justin Gold — Nut Butter Baron
‎Going from making his own almond and peanut butters in his kitchen to borrowing $75k from his roommates’ parents and ultimately now being found in virtually every grocery store across…
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Kate Courtney — World Champion
Already America’s mountain biking sweetheart, Kate Courtney took the world of mountain biking by storm by taking the title at this year’s World Championships. Just 22 years old and with…
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Ted King

I wear spandex and pedal a bicycle for a living / Represented by @corsosports.
Cycling, Gravel Biking, Mountain Biking, Hockey
Richmond, VT

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