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The Common Threads is a podcast hosted by @Prokit co-founder @Swain to explore the childhoods, influences and habits of the world’s leading athletes & experts.

Pro Cyclist Sarah Sturm Does it Her Way
‎Sarah Sturm is an all-in, full of emotion, badass. She packs a big smile with an unconventional approach that has led her to the podium of cycling’s biggest ad
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Rich Roll, A Life Transformed
Rich is an author, ultra runner and host of a podcast that explores all sides of health, mindset and reaching our potential. We get into it all: food, recovery, sleeping…
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Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man
‎We talk about what Dean has learned pushing his body far beyond conventional limits. His answers on diet, longevity, recovery and training aren’t what you might expect.
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Mark Allen, 6x Ironman World Champion
‎Mark Allen is often referred to as one of the greatest endurance athletes of all time. His records are hard to grasp. Six Ironman World Championships, and all ten attempts…
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Kate Courtney, World Champion Mountain Biker
‎Kate talks about growing up, and the nutrition, training and mental strategies that have allowed her to reach the highest levels. Also, the community of support — parents, coaches, sponsors…
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Eric Antonow, Co-Founder, Metabolic
From laying drywall to launching products at Google, Facebook and Instagram. From learning meditation to meditating in public with Jewel and Sharon Salzberg. From a little obsession with how people…
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Dick Costolo, Former Twitter CEO
We spoke with Dick Costolo about leadership, routines, favorite books, parenting while running a company, and what it’s like to walk on stage to deliver a commencement speech to 45,000…
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Mark Gainey, co-founder, Strava
‎Like many things born in Silicon Valley, you might say Strava, the favorite app of millions of athletes, is a happy accident. We sit down with Mark Gainey, Chairman and…
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Sandra Liu Huang, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Sandra Liu Huang leads technology at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and has had a front-row seat to many of the great companies in technology over the past two decades. We…
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Kara Swisher, Executive Editor, Recode
‎Kara Swisher has interviewed the biggest names in tech, business, media and politics. She shoots straight and doesn’t waste time getting to what matters. We explore her influences, growing up,…
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Common Threads

Each podcast episode travels through time to explore the childhoods, influences, and habits of leading athletes, coaches and experts.
Running, Cycling, Skiing, Swimming, Triathlon
Marin, CA

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