Podcast with SWAP Running’s Dr. Megan Roche and David Roche


Dr. Megan Roche (@meganroche) and David Roche (@davidroche) join @swain for this episode of The Common Threads to talk about:

  • Self-belief, mental health to overcoming roadblocks
  • The the genetics of sports injury and performance
  • Insights on training, performance and finding meaning
  • The Happy Runner mindset and the importance of kindness
  • Rest days, nutrition and recovery
  • Community, coaching and what it’s like to work together as a couple
  • Boulder vs the Bay Area 🏃🏽‍♀️🏔

David and Megan started SWAP Running and are highly respected running coaches. Megan is an MD and is working on a PhD in epidemiology at Stanford to study the genetics of sports injury. Both have trail running national titles and legit street cred.

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On Prokit: Megan Roche and David Roche. Read the full feature from our discussion.

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