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The Female Athlete (Sports Science)

by Emily Kraus

An ongoing collection of sports science literature on the female athlete.

Health for Performance
Optimising health for performance is essential for athletes and dancers. Low energy availability in RED-S compromises both health and perforamnce
Health for Performance
The Female and Male Athlete Triad Coalition Blog
The Female and Male Athlete Triad Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, represents key medical, nursing, athletic, and sports medicine groups, as well
The Female and Male Athlete Triad Coalition
Fuel for Function
Fueling for Function means emphasizing food as a tool that allows you to have enough energy to pursue exercise and sport goals, while maintaining a healthy body
The Female and Male Athlete Triad Coalition
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Emily Kraus

Sports medicine physician with a passion in endurance sports medicine, the female athlete, bone health, and injury prevention.
Running, Cycling, Trail Running, Gravel Biking, Mountain Biking
Stanford, CA

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