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Habit Changing and Routines
Articles, videos and graphics to support you on your quest to kick habits that aren’t serving you...
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Better Bones for Cyclists and Runners (Course)

$399 (up to 4 people. Please contact for teams or organizational costs)
This course will leave you with the knowledge and actions (exercise/nutrition) to take control of your bone health today.
2 hour course live with Anne, where you can ask questions throughout. You'll leave with a strategy and supporting documents to optimize your bone health from the moment the course ends.

Motivational Health Coach

In a rut? Not sleeping well? Struggling to create healthy habits? Lacking clear direction? Need someone in your corner to motivate you to show up for you?
Let’s investigate your current health, mindset or motivational struggles and get clear on how to cultivate change for you, in your specific situation. I’m going to keep you accountable!
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Niagara College

Jan 2021 - Jan 2021

Guest speaker for Dr. Nanci Guest on cycling, bone health, relative energy deficiency in sport RED-S with students taking Nutrition for Sport/Performance.

Brock University

Sep 2019 - Present

TA for Cardiorespiratory and Environmental Exercise Physiology course with third year Kinesiology students in the lab setting.

St. Mary’s Highschool Rowing Club

Jan 2017 - Jun 2019

Annual team sports nutrition seminar for the local St. Mary’s rowing club consisting of elite and up and coming Canadian rowers, since 2017.

Hardwood Next Wave Cycling Club Seminar

Jan 2017 - Present

Educating & empowering Ontario cyclists with provincial coach Rob Holgrem during a yearly training camp. Food prep, training nutrition & practical application.

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