Flavor as Fuel: Why Flavorful, Real Food Stokes Our Fire For Greatness + Five Ways to Up Your Ride Food Game


A webinar by Lentine Alexis: @lentinealexis

As a former professional endurance athlete and classically trained chef, Lentine’s approach to fueling her sport is…uncommon. Rather than reading labels, she reads her body and the flavors in her food. Why? Because since the beginning of man, flavors have helped guide our senses to navigate the nutritive and energetic benefits of our foods. Foods impart flavors so that our bodies can map, crave and utilize the foods and ingredients we eat. Which means that the sweet craving you’re having is about so much more than just wanting a naughty, thick, slice of cake. 

In this jam-packed chat, Lentine will briefly share her experience in discovering how to navigate food as fuel with unprocessed ingredients at the core, and share an entirely new way of looking at sports nutrition as a WHOLE (rather than a sum of macronutrient parts.) From there, we’ll dip a toe into the nutritional values and physiological properties of the Six Tastes we interpret, learn what our cravings for those flavors can mean and how to put it all together RIGHT NOW and start to fuel our bodies better.

Lastly, Lentine will share five tips (and a few recipes!) for how to up-level your ride food and meal planning game, with more flavor, enjoyment and better performance than ever before. 

Lentine Alexis’ career as a professional endurance/adventure athlete was what inspired the hunger that brought her into professional kitchens. A classically-trained pastry chef, veteran of Michelin-starred kitchens + former Culinary Director at Skratch Labs, Lentine has taken a deep dive into holistic nutrition + Ayurvedic medicine, choosing to spent her career as a professional chef working in the sports nutrition/wellness worlds with athletes from amateur to Olympian. A proponent of intuitive eating + real-food cooking, Lentine fuses culinary mastery with a deep, experiential understanding of mind/body to create recipes and menus that inspire best performances and best lives, both on the bike and off.

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