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With technology advancement has come countless benefits. One of my favorite benefits of this growth has been the ability to take control of my own health thanks, to @insidetracker! Never before has there been an easier way to have full access to all the things that are really going on inside your body. The ability to have an internal screenshot of my health paired with extremely helpful insights has been an absolute game changer for me.

As many of you know, last October I suffered a bad concussion while riding the Coconino Trail. A couple of the side effects of this concussion have been a dramatic drop in my ability to enter REM Sleep and Deep Sleep. Both of these Biomarkers and the significant drop in their optimization have had a real effect on me while I continue to recover. With the reduced ability to enter these cycles came a lack of memory processing, decreased recharging of the brain, and reduced recovery and growth.

I’m so thankful for the insights and recommendations that @insidetracker has provided me to help improve these biomarkers and return to a sense of normalcy. Some of the recommendations include increased meditation, reduction of blue light, drinking Cherry Tart Juice, and making sure my room is as dark as possible when I sleep.

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Rebecca Rusch

7X World Champion; Best-selling Author; Emmy Winner; Motivational Speaker; Ambassador, Be Good Foundation
Cycling, Mountain Biking, Gravel Biking
Ketchum, ID

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