Pushing Boundaries, Overcoming Fear, & Making A Difference


Have you ever sat down and talked to someone and had an instant connection? Well recently I sat down with @angelanaeth @amywoodfitness for their @iracelikeagirl podcast and we had that instant spark!

Much like myself, Angela and Amy are life-long athletes in disciplines such as Tri and the @lifetimegrandprix!

Fun Fact- years ago Angela and I attended Red Bull performance camps and you could say those camps are where our friendship began budding – it’s rare to find people cut from the same cloth as you!

In Episode 26 of the @iracelikeagirl podcast, we dove deep into multiple topics including pushing boundaries, overcoming fear, and making a difference. No matter if you’re a seasoned athlete or a newer rider, this podcast has incredibly insightful conversations and I know you will come away with more knowledge and understanding than when you went it.

Trust me, this is one you NEED to listen to! 🔗 !

You can also find IRaceLikeAGirl on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Thanks, for the fun @iracelikeagirl, @angelanaeth, & @amywoodsfitness Let’s do it again!

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Rebecca Rusch

7X World Champion; Best-selling Author; Emmy Winner; Motivational Speaker; Ambassador, Be Good Foundation
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