Jeremy Jones Podcast: Snowboarding, Growth Mindset and Protect our Winters


Pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones (@jeremyjones) sat down with Prokit co-founder @swain two days before the pandemic lockdown began near his home in Truckee, CA to talk about his journey to becoming a pro snowboarder, the climate movement that came out of starting Protect our Winters, personal growth and the future.

Jeremy goes deep in the podcast, sharing what he’s learned on health, mindset, his morning routine, entrepreneurship and what needs to happen for climate efforts to succeed.

“I get woken up in the middle of the night at different times. Sometimes, it’s before a trip or a big day where I know that a wrong call will be fatal. But there’s also societal risks that keep me awake. The decision to start a company, to make a film that’s outside the box, to change my approach to the mountains, to start Protect Our Winters, this kind of societal risk-taking is every bit, if not more terrifying, than going up into dangerous mountains where one wrong call could be the last call.”

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Here’s our full written feature with Jeremy Jones.

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