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Hey everyone! I’ve been sharing the latest science in sports nutrition and physiology over on my Strava club here 👇!

Click the link above to join the community. Yesterday I posted about DOING THE WORK, on days when you just don’t feel like it, and the importance of consistency over perfection.

My goal is for club members to start conversations and to create a space where we can share and learn together. Personally I’ll always be sharing practical info that you can put into action immediately.

Lastly I’ll be creating mini challenges around nutrition and training habits and sharing any new courses you may be interested in, including my first one, “Better Bones for Endurance Athletes”.

Hope to see you all over there. I look forward to helping you optimize your time training and to keeping you motivated to get the most out of yourself as an athlete and human being!

Wind at your back.

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Anne Guzman

Sport scientist, sports nutritionist, content creator, former pro cyclist, life long learner. “Find a way to your dreams, even if it involves detours."
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