Learn to Ride Zwift from a Zwift Pro


Kevin Bouchard Hall, pro-Zwift racer and pro-Dad, is here to teach Ted, newbie-Zwift racer and neo-Dad, how to maximize his time on the trainer.

Kevin Bouchard Hall is a former US national team stand-out, but he decided that unless he was making it to the Pro Tour, he’d rely on his intelligence to move forward in life so he stepped away from cycling. Now married with two beautiful boys, the Bouchard Hall family is busy as it gets, so Kevin is as well. After a hiatus from racing he’s back on the scene, but now storming Zwift at all odd hours of the day.

Kevin and Ted are gravel racing buds and as a throwback to their collegiate racing days when they battled it out, they’re doing so on gravel bikes all across New England and beyond.

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Ted King

I wear spandex and pedal a bicycle for a living / Represented by @corsosports.
Cycling, Gravel Biking, Mountain Biking, Hockey
Richmond, VT

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