Running In Split, Omis, and Hvar Croatia — Part 1


Split, Omis, and Hvar are unique cities sitting right on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. The history of these cities go centuries back and the best way to see the cities is by foot. I usually prefer to run around a new city, but each of the running routes below can be walked.


Split itself is unique little old town with and amazing park that over looks the city and Adriatic Sea. Being a runner, and finding trails on the road can be hard at times and easy, Split was one of these places where you could easily access a trail from the old town in Park Suma Marjan. The trails in Marjan park are Technical at times, but you have multiple of options to get down an easy route. If you are looking for very, going up and down will get you close to 300–500 vertical feet. If you want to run on road/flat, the park can offer this as well and it’s very pleasant as well.

Below are two amazing options for running in in Park Suma Marjan. One will be road, the other will be how you can access the trails. Among most, you don’t have to run, these are all walkable + hike-able too!

Road Run 8.8 mi Road Running Route on StravaFlatish road running option from old town Split Croatia. This is a lovely run, once you hit the park there is no cars.…

Trail Run 5.3 mi Trail Running Route on StravaThere is multiple of trails to run in Split Croatia, this one start by the church where the taxis meet in old town and…

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