Trail Running In Omis Croatia


Omis once had the most dangerous Pirates on the Adriatic Sea. These pirates had a fort on top of this magical mountain and would watch for passing ships in the Adriatic Sea. This is a cute unique town, where adventure sits by the water or in the mountains. You have rafting, ziplining, swimming, rockclimbing, and among most, trails to run!

I found out there’s an epic trail race that finishes in Omis every year in the fall Dalmacija Ultra Trail. All these trails are all great hikes, this is actually what we did, but I like to come back and run on these mountains someday. The top thing every person should do, climb up to the fort on top of Omis mountain, the views are amazing and it’s not too bad of a hike, thirty minutes-hour, depending on pace. The best part, either post-hike or before, you can finish your adventures with and amazing pizza + beer in the town of Omis after a post-dip cool down in the sea!

Here’s few running routes to choose from on your next trip to Omis.

Hike To Fort: 1.2 Miles + 1,000ft of Climbing.

Trail Run to Fort + Along the Ridge: 8–9 Miles + 3,500ft of Climbing.

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