RUSCH Hour: Kate Courtney and Amber Neben


What a great talk with Amber Neben and Kate Courtney for the first ever Rusch Hour live!

We will do these every Thursday evening with different guests on different topics. I loved hearing about their “Why”. The best conversations leave me thinking. Here were some take aways for me…we all struggle to define why we ride and it changes and is often hard to articulate. If you’re not sure or can’t answer that question (I wasn’t able to until recently), then consider your feelings when you ride. How does it make you feel on your really great days? Free, elated, strong, confident? Whatever that is…hone in on that feeling. You may not know your true purpose yet for riding…You probably aren’t training for the Olympics, you may not be riding to save the world or for a higher power, you may not feel like your efforts do much for anyone else except for you. And it may seem selfish to spend time on yourself going riding to feel joy and elation and to get stronger. However, it’s not selfish to spend time riding if riding makes you feel good. And taking time to be the best version of yourself is a great “why”…and here’s why…when you are strong, healthy (mentally and physically), then you pass that positive energy to everyone around you. Who are you after a ride? How do you feel after a great (even if it was hard) workout? That positive energy you put into yourself will spread to everyone in your sphere…and that’s a great why. Anyone who has a mission statement or purpose statement, feel free to share. Mine is: “To continually challenge and inspire myself and others to BeGood”.

If you missed it last night, you can listen and watch here:

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