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In our new series, The Pro’s Kit, we’ll take you behind the scenes with some of the world’s best. Each interview will cover the nuts and bolts of how they do what they do — their favorite gizmos, gadgets, gear, and the hacks and habits behind their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Last week we looked at what’s in the toolbox for pro cyclist @jesscerra. This week we get into it with former world tour pro @ianboswell. Ian was known as one of the world’s best young all-arounders, with a several year run on Team Sky.

Ian announced his move to gravel cycling at the start of 2020 after a string of concussions. He is earning the gentleman farmer title and enjoying a different kind of hard work alongside his wife Gretchen at their Vermont homestead.


Norwegian Wood : Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood The Scandinavian Way by Lars Mytting

Cyclist Ian Boswell with his chickens
Life on the farm for Ian Boswell

Listening and Watching

Listening to: Ian Tyson and Townes Van Zandt

Watching: The Office

Resources: Go-to apps, gizmos and gadgets that help you do what you do?

Strava, @wahoo ROAM, Sufferfest

Nutrition and Hydration: What’s your strategy?

Always make sure to be hydrated, event or not. When a hard ride/event is coming up adding more electrolytes to your diet is very important. Hydration tabs are a great way to add more important electrolytes to your fluids before and during a long ride.

In Boswell after winning the opening time trial at the 2016 Vuelta.
“All smiles after winning the opening team time trial at the 2016 Vuelta. Bullet Pete in red the next day and Froome finished 2nd overall three weeks later.”

Nutrition: anything unique about your philosophy?

Balance is key. Eating a wholesome well balanced diet is a lot easier than you think. Always plan ahead so you have good food on hand or in your refrigerator. One of my staple food items is peanut butter, I eat a jar a week.

@ianboswell enjoying a Vermont creamee. 📸 Pamela Robbins Robichaud
@IanBoswell in his kitchen

Mind: Is there anything you do for your mental health?

Riding is most often when I get way from other life stress and find my peaceful place. Having that time to get out and ride and turn my phone and computer off is so important.

Sleep: Any rituals/habits? Naps?

Naps! I have less time for napping these days, but whenever I can I try and take a quick 15-20 minute power nap.

Strength & Mobility: How much, how often and what type?

I have a simple 10-15 minutes core/stretching routine that I do every morning after coffee before breakfast. This is a great way to start your day, get your blood pumping and establish a regular daily routine.

Ian Boswell on his Wahoo trainer in his barn
@ianboswell in his barn

Recovery: Do you have a strategy or ritual?

Washing your bike right when you get home. Not recovery per se, however it concludes the ride and gives me 10 minutes after a hard ride of reflect and unwind.

The post-ride recovery wash

Anything important about your approach to training and mindset?

Make sure you are having fun and love the entire process.

Favorite items in your Kit?

Dynaplug tire plug. Not a sponsor and and something I use very often, but I am always excited to use it when it’s needed.

Your go-to bike?

Specialized Diverge. A gravel bike on the verge of a mountain bike 20mm of front suspension and can take up to a 47c tire. From the road to the single track, a bike that can do it all.

Ian’s puppy checking out the latest reading from his Wahoo Element

Tires and Tire size/pressure

Specialized Pathfinder 44c tire for day to day riding and the Tracer 47c for the adventure days. I finally learned how to set up my tires tubeless and I would never go back to putting tubes in my tires.

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@wahoo’s film on Ian’s transition to gravel. Produced by @anseldickey

Questions for Ian? Ask him in the comments!

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