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In our new series, we go behind the scenes with some of the world’s best. Each interview looks inside how they do what they do — favorite gizmos, gadgets, gear; what they read, watch and listen to; and the hacks and habits behind their mental and physical health.

Last week, we looked at what’s in the kit for ultra runner Lucy Bartholomew. Today we talk to 5X Olympian and one of the most versatile female mountain bike and cyclocross athletes of all time, Katerina Nash.

Katerina moved to the U.S. from the Czech Republic in 2000 on a college scholarship for cross-country ski racing. Her first Olympics was the 1996 Atlanta Games at age 17. Her most recent? The 2016 Rio Olympics at age 38.

How do you get your face on the package of a Clif Bar? Become one of the world’s most enduring athletes. And how do you do that? As Truckee, CA, local Katerina says, “I probably sound very boring to modern standard but I’m very much into a balanced approach. I don’t overdo or under do anything.” Oh, and she doesn’t own a TV.


Becoming by Michelle Obama, Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, The New York Times

Listening to

Pod Save America, Cyclocross Radio, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Fever Talk with @maghroch


F1 Drive to Survive, any nature shows. I actually don’t own a TV.

Go-to apps, gizmos and gadgets?

Google Maps, Trail Forks, Marco Polo

Nutrition and Hydration: Strategy before, during and after a big event or ride?

I care about my fuel and prefer to eat balanced and healthy diet. For the sport nutrition, I use all Clif Bar product and that has worked well for me. There is always something new coming out of the Clif Bar kitchen and I’m never tired of their bars.

Before a big race I go for simple carbs and lot of fluids. Properly refueling after the ride is very important. I eat lot of fish and veggies – a bit less chicken and beef. Being European I go for good bread all the time. It’s a good and quick source to refuel after hard ride or race.

Cyclist Katerina Nash drinking a beer after a race

What would people find in your refrigerator or pantry?

Berries, veggies, cheese, butter – all the usuals. Of course, a bottle of Chardonnay.

Mind: Is there anything you do for mindfulness or to maintain your mental health?

I relax after a busy day with a dog walk and glass of wine. That is my kind of meditation.

Sleep: Any rituals or habits? Do you nap?

I hardly ever nap. Couple times a year. I like it but never seem to make time to relax during the day. I sleep anywhere from 7-9 hours depending how much I need. I like to go to bed early and get up late. Haha!

Strength and Mobility: How much, how often and what type of work do you do?

I’m very much an outdoor athlete and don’t do enough gym-related work. I would rather spend few weeks of XC skiing every year than go to a gym. I stretch a little bit every day and lot more when I have issues with tightness or soreness.

Cyclist Katerina Nash doing a handstand

Recovery: Do you have a strategy or health metrics you watch?

I pay attention to how I feel. I know my body well to know when I need rest. I listen to my body.

Anything unconventional about your approach to training, mindset, nutrition or life?

I probably sound very boring to modern standard, but I’m very much into a balanced approach. I don’t overdo or under do anything. There is moderation to all of my training, relaxing, life in general. I’ve been more focused on doing more of this or that earlier in my career. Now I follow my intuition more then the latest trends.

Can you share who’s in your crew?

I don’t specifically work with any experts, but I do have access to a few that I will reach out to if I’m looking for help.

Specifically, a nutritionist at Clif Bar and a former cycling coach. I also have the Clif Pro Team that takes care of all our bikes and logistics.

Gear: Favorite items in your Kit?

Oakley glasses, Patagonia clothing, CamelBack packs and water bottles. All good sunscreen. Hoka running shoes. Fisher skis.

Drawing of Clif Bar mountain biker and gravel cyclist Katerina Nash

Your go-to bike, and anything unique about gearing or setup?

Pretty standard set up for most of my bikes. I do change the front chain ring for MTB events based on the terrain. Shimano makes it pretty easy. I was the first rider to win CX World Cup with GRX (Shimano gravel group set). I actually mixed and matched a bit and run XTR cassette with GRX. It’s pretty standard for gravel but rather new in CX. I like that set up a lot.

Your go-to tires for MTB, gravel, road? Mud vs hard-pack?

Maxxis Aspen 2.2 – 2.4 for MTB
Maxxis Rambler 40cc

I use CushCore in both MTB and gravel set up which allows me to run lower pressure. MTB 17-20 PSI. Gravel 22-25PSI.

Are you partnered with any brands or causes?

All Kids Bike

The Katerina Nash Limited Edition Clif Bar

A fun 2017 throwback to Nash reflecting on her election to President of the UCI Athletes’ Commission.

Questions for Katerina? Ask in the comments!

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