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Longevity, Injury Prevention and Recovery

by Prokit News

Articles, videos and podcasts to help athletes live longer and healthier while preventing and recovering from injuries.

Age-Old Runners: Anita Ortiz
‘Age-Old Runners’ is an article series where we explore runners’ performance potential after the age of 45 by interviewing excellent middle-aged runners. An int
Running While Aging
For more than 40 years, running has been a fixture in 72-year-old Eric Spector’s life. When he started, it wasn’t a slow progression of 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathon
Trail Runner Magazine
The World’s Fastest (Old) Man
Age has slowed Charles Allie, but only slightly. At 71, he wants the world record in 100 meters to go along with his age group records in the 200 and…
ACL Injury Prevention
ACL injuries are the most common among high school & collegiate athletes. Here’s a look into how they can be reduced through a targeted prevention program.
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