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Nutrition, Exercise and Mental Health

by Anne Guzman

How nutrition, exercise & gut health can help manage & prevent mental health disorders. (See your medical doctor if you are struggling with mental health).

How Food May Improve Your Mood
The sugar-laden, high-fat foods we often crave when we are stressed or depressed, as comforting as they are, may be the least likely to benefit our mental healt
Can What We Eat Affect How We Feel?
Nutritional psychiatrists counsel patients on how better eating may be another tool in helping to ease depression and anxiety and may lead to better mental heal
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Anne Guzman

Sport scientist, sports nutritionist, content creator, former pro cyclist, life long learner. “Find a way to your dreams, even if it involves detours."
Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Track Cycling, Wrestling
Hamilton, ON

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