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Great reads here! Quality information about sports nutrition, sport psychology, training and inspiration!

Planning your off-season
Time away from training is critical in order to allow your mind and body to rebuild and replenish.
Modified carbohydrates: the future?
Are hydrothermally modified starches the wave of the (sports nutrition) future? What if we could modify the chemical structure of nutrients to alter their diges
Ketone bodies: Fuel or hype?
Ketone bodies are formed in the body when there is an excess of fatty acids available. Have we found a new magic substrate (fuel) for the muscle or is it…
5 Tips: Descending – Voxwomen
Previously  we looked at 5 ways to improve your climbing. Now you’ve made it to the top, it’s time to look at how to make it back down – safely…
Polarized Training Simplified
There are numerous debates over different training philosophies, mainly the “big three” of sweet spot, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and polarized (8
Enhancing sleep through nutrition
Sleep is vital for physiological and psychological functions that may be particularly important to athletes. Nutrition can influence sleep quality and duration
What does running do to your brain?
Neuroscientists have studied treadmill runners, ultramarathon athletes – and a number of lab animals – to investigate the effects of running on grey matter
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How to Get the Most Out of Altitude Training
Figuring out how long, how often, and when to train in the mountains remains an art for endurance athletes. Great read here with some different than typical insights on other…
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Energy Systems Explained
Energy systems drive all of our activity on the bike. Understanding them will help you to focus your training and optimize your nutrition. This is a basic, simple explanation which…
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What is Lactate and Lactate Threshold
Excellent read!! Lactate threshold is a widely used term in endurance sports training, yet there is still much confusion surrounding it. This in depth article explains lactate threshold, including its…
Beta alanine supplementation
Beta-alanine has become a “must-have” supplement for many athletes, but does the science support the hype?
Swifter, higher, stronger: What’s on the menu?
(A MUST READ!) The exploits of elite athletes delight, frustrate, and confound us as they strive to reach their physiological, psychological, and biomechanical limits. We dissect nutritional approaches to optimal…
The Real Reason Marathoners Hit the Wall
A new study finds that your “critical speed” threshold drops in the last third of a marathon, which may explain why the distance produces so many blow-ups. Definitely transferable to…
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Anne Guzman

Sport scientist, sports nutritionist, content creator, former pro cyclist, life long learner. “Find a way to your dreams, even if it involves detours."
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