A Conversation With Coach Tim Cusick on Navigating Training Uncertainty and Mindset During the Pandemic (Podcast)


Athletes all over the world are facing uncertainty about when the next competition is and where their focus should be right now. Although athletes tend to be resilient and forward thinking, these times present athletes with a unique stress, compared to the almost expected ‘forks in the road’ that they contend with regularly.

A good coach helps us navigate our way through difficult situations and helps us to adjust and refocus. Through experience, foresight and the ability to remain calm, a great coach can be an athlete’s best asset.

I met Tim Cusick a decade ago, while working as a sports nutritionist at a cycling camp in Pennsylvania. Tim is the ultimate professional and a man of true integrity. He’s definitely the coach I’d want in my corner if I was competing today. Tim embodies a wealth of knowledge about cycling and data analytics. Additionally, Tim’s life experiences have culminated in his forward thinking, focused and calm in the eye of a storm type personality.

Tim has evolved into one of the world’s top cycling coaches, is the founder and head coach of of Velocious Cycling along side partner Kathy, and works as the ‘WKO Product Lead’ at Training Peaks.

As a coach, Tim is focused on supporting female athletes. Through his experience he has learned of the disparity of women in sport and it has become of passion of his to be a part of the change by providing more opportunity for female athletes to succeed. Currently Tim coaches world class athletes including Amber Neben, Rebecca Rusch and Emma Grant.

I’m excited to share this conversation with Tim today. Tim shares some candid answers about how to manage training during these uncertain times. He shares some incredible insights into how some of the best athletes in the world are looking into the horizon and working on “succeeding” every day as both athletes and human beings.

I hope this conversation somehow resonates with you and propels you to look forward as an athlete, while inspiring you to work on challenges that keep you moving in the days and months ahead.

Some of the things you can look forward to hearing about during our conversation include but are not limited to:

  • Working on succeeding and what that looks like for you
  • Looking ahead to the horizon – thinking of a multi year plan
  • Coaches don’t motivate you but here’s what they can do
  • Creating a challenge for yourself
  • What Tim thinks about “maintenance mode” right now
  • Using the indoor trainer as a “tool.”
  • Specificity of training
  • Working on mental strengths
  • Heat adaptation

Here is the link to our video conversation below. Enjoy!

You can contact Tim through any of the following links:

Velocious Cycling: www.velociouscyclingadventures.com

(Training Peaks) https://www.trainingpeaks.com/wko5/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TimCusick123

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tim_cusick_coach/

Instagram (VelociousCycling): https://www.instagram.com/velociouscyclingadventures/

Thank you Tim! Keep the rubber side down everyone and wind at your back from here on it.

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