Cats vs. Dogs, Who would be a better athlete?


This is a pretty funny and random topic but it is also an interesting question, who would be a better athlete, dogs or cats.


There are many reasons a dog would be great at sports in my opinion. They are super fast and lots of them are strong which are great characteristics for lots of sports. They also can catch balls in the air and if you imagine them playing baseball, football, or basketball, they seem like they would be pretty good. If a dog was transformed into a human and kept the same traits that they had as a dog, I think they would be actually very good at sports.


I also think cats would be great at sports for many reasons. They are super agile which will help you in every single sport you play and they can jump super high which also helps in every sport. These traits would make them very good at many sports, but not all.

Cats and Dogs Combined

I think if a cat and dog combined played sports, they would be the best player. All of the amazing traits that a dog has combined with all the traits cats have would make that combination great at all sports. I mean, imagine a human who is super strong, fast, has really good eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, is also super agile and can jump super high. That is like the best player ever. I don’t think any human could ever get super strong and also be super agile and have quick feet. I know lots of athletes are incredibly fit and can be strong and agile but they can’t be the best at both things. They have to choose one, although, this dog and cat combination wouldn’t and that is why they would be amazing.

I know this is a pretty weird topic but I actually think it is pretty cool. So, which animal do you think would be better?

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