Which Sport is the Best to Watch vs. Best to Play


Today I will be talking about which sport I think is the most fun to watch and which sport is the most fun to play.

Most Fun to Watch

I personally think the most fun sport to watch is football for many reasons, for example, if you play fantasy football which is super fun, it keeps you engaged in the game, but with other sports, the fantasy just isn’t as fun and doesn’t do anything. Also, because there are fewer games in a season than any other sport, it makes the games matter a bunch more which also makes them much more fun to watch. And another reason football is the best sport to watch is that there is always so much happening and so much to pay attention to which keeps you engaged. You might say that basketball also always has a ton happening which is true, but I think football is just overall better.

Most Fun to Play

To me, the most fun sport to play is baseball. I know man people think baseball is super boring to watch and play but once you get pretty good at baseball it gets much more fun to play. For example, while most people just think the fielders are just sitting around waiting for a ball to get hit, they are actually thinking about what different situations could happen if they got hit the ball so that they don’t mess up. Also, most people think being an outfielder is super boring and this is true when you are younger, but once you get older, being an outfielder is actually pretty fun because people can hit the ball farther. Baseball to me is the best sport to play, no question.

My Real Answer

I know I have been saying all of these great things about football and baseball but my real answer to both questions is skiing. I just love everything about skiing and there is no question that it is my favorite sport to watch and play.

What are your favorite sports to watch and play?

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