Dr. Scott Lear: Why sitting and being sedentary is detrimental to your health and how you can alter your environment to move more


Have you caught yourself deep into a Netflix binge, wondering where the hours went? How about fixated on a project at your desk while day turns to night, barely having moved? You ask yourself, “Where did the time go and when is the last time I stood up?” I can definitely raise my hand here and have even blatantly ignore the “move” vibration on my Garmin watch!

Although long periods of focus have some benefits, from a health perspective, remaining immobile for hours on end on a regular basis has negative implications on our health. The good news? It’s never to late to change and to learn how to incorporate more movement throughout your day.

Dr. Scott Lear is an expert on cardiovascular health and healthy living. Some of his work involves optimizing living and geographical environments to maximize daily movement and reduce sedentary behaviors.

Dr. Scott Lear

Today’s guest Dr. Scott Lear, Professor of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, has some excellent insights into the physiological changes that occur in the body due to excessive sitting or sedentary lifestyle. With over 25 years working in the clinical and research areas of disease prevention and management, he is an international expert on healthy living.

Today we discuss:

  • How fat and carbohydrate metabolism can be altered due to sedentary behavior
  • NEAT – non exercise activity thermogenesis, what it is and how it can contribute to calorie expenditure
  • Are standing desks a better option? Myth busting.
  • Tips on moving more within your home during the day
  • Maximizing your geographical environment to promote more daily movement
  • Closing thoughts from Dr. Scott Lear on Imperfect Progress, dealing with criticism and pausing emotional reactions and why he believes this is a good life practice.

Dr. Lear is an expert in knowledge translation. This podcast episode is very accessible to anyone listening, whether you’re a scientist or not. He leaves us with several actionable tips that we can incorporate today and shares many others on his website Feel Healthy with Dr. Scott Lear.

Sharing is caring:

The pandemic has impacted many of us in different ways. If you’re one of the people exercising more, perhaps consider others in your life who may be struggling and share this episode with them. If they hear one thing that inspires them to take that 2 minute walk or leave the car and walk to the corner store it will be worth it. The little things add up and that’s what this episode is all about. Something is better than nothing.

To learn more from Dr. Scott Lear see links below:

Website: https://drscottlear.com/

Podcast: https://drscottlear.com/category/podcasts/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrScottLear

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drscottlear/

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Thanks to David Langstaff for the original music.

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