Mike Garth F1 Performance Coach: The Power of Self Awareness in Sport and Life


The pain of changing, whenever you want to make a change, there’s the pain of change or there’s the pain of staying as you are and all of us are programmed that we will move away from the pain that’s bigger.” Mike Garth

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From under the hood of the car to under the driver’s helmet, performance coach Mike Garth has become an expert in all aspects of auto racing. He’s spent countless hours working with F1 Red Bull auto racers as well as professional endurance athletes, including cyclists and triathletes. Mike truly believes coaching is an art and it quickly became apparent to me during our conversation that he’s mastered the art and has listened to himself and found his calling.

Mike’s combination of physics, engineering and sport psychology skills make him a very unique asset to the sport. He’s the most holistic performance coach in the auto racing industry. From everything I learned today, I’m certain he’s a huge asset to any team who has the opportunity to work with him.

Mike is no stranger to making big decisions and he knows how to get clear on the right decision, in fact he made a bold career change after 10 years as an engineer and we delve into the how and why of that story today.

I was excited to pick Mike’s brain to better understand the processes he uses for himself and his clients in so far as moving through sticky, uncertain times where decisions need to be made. His insights are spot on and you’ll leave this podcast with exactly how to proceed on paper. Mike also adds some some deep philosophical ideas for us to ponder.

“If you’re not aware, how do you make the adjustment? Awareness is key, the complete opposite of ignorance is bliss regarding the mental side of performance.”

Mike’s understanding of the athlete’s mind is clear and comes through in his thoughtful responses about gaining focus in the “red mist” and why thought stopping isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. He’s careful to not generalize, which speaks to his experience with so many different types of athletes.

I don’t know where to start because we covered a lot here and it’s all so interesting!

In this episode we touch on:

  • The pain of staying the same vs the pain of change
  • Rumination in the athlete’s mind
  • Why “thought stopping” may not be effective
  • The negative thoughts “freight train”
  • The importance of creating space for awareness
  • Why awareness is more challenging when “on the rivet”
  • Getting clear on your “why” for when the going gets tough

Mike is such a great example of someone who truly has listened to their inner calling, which he believes is there within each of us. Whether you find that at 20,40 or 60, you’ll know it, because “you’ll feel it.” He’s a coach in every sense of the word and it was clear during this conversation that the auto racing world is lucky to have this master at the track.

Where to connect with Mike Garth:

If you’d like to connect with Mike Garth he can be contacted via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-garth-4366134/

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