Kate Courtney’s Home Strength Workouts for Cyclists


We came across an excellent workout series called RideStrong by Dr. Matt Smith of EverAthlete and World Champion Mountain Biker, Kate Courtney. As Dr. Matt says, “This series will bring you cycling specific strength training for those serious about getting better on the bike.”

See if you can keep up with Kate in her videos at the bottom of the post. We interviewed her about her training and nutrition philosophy and she is no stranger to hard work off the bike. “Being able to build a lot of muscular strength and handle the bike and get through those technical sections smooth and fast is related to my strength training, and especially to coordination and balance work.”

Kate Courtney’s Van Life Workout

Workouts from one of Kate’s coaches, Dr. Matt Smith

Episode One.

Medball 1-leg bridge x 10 each
Medball RDL + Overhead press x 10 each
Bear crawl juggle x 10 fwd / back Bosu
Mountain Climbers x 100
Medball RFE Squat x 10 each

Episode two.

3 Rounds:
Push-up w/ knee tuck hold x 10
Medball jump lunge x 10
9090 switches x 60-120 sec
Banded Shuffle x 30-60 sec each side
Stability Ball Diagonal Reach x 10 each side

Episode three.

Medball Deadbug Reach x 30-60 sec
Bosu Peek-a-boo x 30-60 sec
RFE Banded Rotation x 30-60 sec
Elevated Plank x 30-60 sec
Banded Step Down x 6-8

Episode four.

3 Rounds:
Suitcase March x 30-60 sec each
RDL + alternating rows x 5 each/leg
RFE Medball toss x 10 each/leg
FFE Anti-rotation Lunge x 10 each
Goblet Toe Taps (elevator) x 30-60 sec

Episode five.

3 Rounds:
Plank Drag x 10 each
Counter Pressure Bridge x 30-60 sec each
Anti-Rotation RDL x 10 each
Side Plank + Banded Row x 10 each
Mini-band matrix x 10 each

Episode six.

3 Rounds:
Banded Reach x 10 (side / 45 / up) each side
1-leg DB Bench x 5 each arm / each leg
Split squat Push off x 10-15 each leg
Suitcase Deadlift x 10 each side
MB Side toss x 10 each side

Episode seven.

3 Rounds:
DB Split Clean x 5-8 each
Split Squat Halo x 5-8 each leg
Redbull Get-up x 3-5 each side
Squat + Y Pull x 12 1-leg
Box Jump x 5-8 each side

Episode eight.

3 Rounds:
TRX 1-arm Row x 10-15 each
TRX saw x 10-15
Banded Airplane x 10-15 each
Loaded Lunge x 10 each
Loaded Flutter kick x 60 sec

Episode nine.

3 Rounds:
Bridge + Psoas March x 10-15 each
Step-up + Reverse Lunge x 10 each
Medball 1-leg Burpee x 5 each foot
Medball Push-up x 10
Handlebar Fig. 8 x 45 sec each leg

Kate Courtney Showing us how her Workouts are Done

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Another #ridestrong sequence coming at you! I added a fun little challenge at the beginning and forgot to film one – but I did em all I promise! 😜✨ Head over to @everathlete for a full video with coaching tips from my PT. Remember we will post a new workout every M/W/F for y’all at 12pm. Let’s get it 💪🏽 #quarantinejacked #goingINside #keepitfun #funisfast . . . 3 rounds: Push-up with knee tuck x 10 Medball jump lunge x 10 9090 switch x 60-120 sec Banded shuffle x 30-60 sec each side Swiss ball diagonal reach x 10 each

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Who wants to get #quarantinejacked with me?! Today’s mountain bike specific #ridestrong circuit from @everathlete (link in story 👆🏽) is a fun option to work into your routine. Plus a little bonus balance/coordination challenge from me 😜 Let us know what you think and we will keep them coming. Sending lots of strength to you all – it’s a weird time, but we are in it together #keepmoving #workfromhome #goingINside . . . CIRCUIT: 3 rounds, option to work on balance + juggling during rest bridge hold + medball reach x 10 RDL + medball reach x 10 each Bosu mountain climber x 100 Bear crawl juggle x 10 fwd/back RFE split squat x 10 each

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A good time to focus on strength! 👊🏽✨ Who’s ready for get #quarantinejacked? I am working with my physical therapist at @everathlete to get some circuits up for you all to do at home. Comment below what equipment you have or what you’d be most interested in focusing on! Right now I’m back to a “base” block in strength and am doing 3x a week for 1.5 hours👇🏽 #goingINside #cyclingcircuits #keepmoving

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New date. Same goal. Lets go. 💪🏽🔥 A few moves from today’s @everathlete circuit + my balance bonus! Who is still getting after it? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #tokyo2021 #sparkleon #quarantinejacked #ridestrong

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We have more cycling-specific training and strength workouts featured in our training section on Prokit.

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